Friday, February 11, 2011

this is what happens...

this is what happens when you feel bad for being a working momma
and missing your little babe's VERY FIRST Valentine's Party
(which couldn't be much of a party because they are one year olds)
and you try to be domestic
but you have very little flour/milk/no baking powder in the house
and you let the cupcakes burn
because you are playing with your sweet angel
and then the middle of the heart shaped cake doesn't get done
because you don't want it to burn too
and you start to cry because the other mothers may judge you for not being there 
(and not sending anything in your place - i.e. cupcakes/<3 shaped cake)
and because you want to be there so badly 
then your sweet hubby says he will be there, and that is the best valentine you could hope for


  1. This is totally a list post! A list of supposed bad things. But I'll take playing with my baby over not burnt cupcakes anyday!

    Visiting from SITs 31DBB.

  2. This post is so sweet I almost cried...almost :)


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