Monday, March 21, 2011

I don't need anything, but I like to shop.

I found these AWESOME pieces on Etsy the other day at sugarfresh. LOVE THEM!

CK NEEDS one for her room. We have sort of an
Anthropologie/baby room/antique/vintage/unmatched 
sort of thing going on right now,
so I'm sure I can throw one of these in there with the rest of the modge podge that is her room
(which she has not once slept in - that's a totally different post altogether)

And CK probably NEEDS a couple things from noah and lilah too, don't you think??  

how cute is this reversible dress??

I really NEED to go shopping. I'm pretty sure I say need too much when it is unwarranted, but sometimes I need to make my point. 

I have a shopping habit I NEED to break or at least slow down on. This is the only true need statement in the entire post.


  1. Yes, and you 'NEED' to share this site with us and make us go on that site and 'need' to go shopping too??? Oh, man! I do now have a niece that just 'needs' cute things...thanks a lot...LOL!

  2. thank you so much for the feature!!

  3. *GASP* Do they make it in big girl sizes??? I think I NEED it!

  4. those dresses are adorable! i "favorited" them myself a couple of weeks ago... and i don't even have a little girl!! there will be some very cute dressed nieces and cousins around here though...


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