Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birds and Chandeliers Birthday Party

Here are the pics from CK's 1st Birthday Party!! I probably spent way too much time on it, and I probably ran out of favors from my mom and mother-in-law for awhile since they were here at least two whole days before the party helping me get my house ready. The party was at our house, and thank goodness my hubby built a fab deck and the weather was nice... we had so many people come to see the precious little one year old the party moved outside! This was awesome, until someone told me how cute the decorations were and pointed to the "extra food" table in the laundry room, at which point I insisted we do cake and presents crowded inside the house so everyone could see her cute bird theme! 

For dinner I mad a friend's "Crock-Pot Pulled Pork" OH WOW!! It was so simple and so delicious. All you do is put a pork tenderloin in a crock-pot with a can of root beer for 6 hours, drain, and pour on your fave BBQ Sauce. 

We had such a good time with our family and friends and are so thankful for everyone in our lives. Thank you for coming to celebrate Charlee with us!!


  1. Wow Rach! This looks so cute and fun! I cannot believe she is already 1!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLEE!!!

  2. Such adorable pics!
    She looks like a lucky little girl.

    And I might need to try that crock pot recipe, by the way. My husband is way into crock pots lately...
    I'm following on GFC and through email (b/c I can't seem to get my GFC and I want to keep reading your blog)
    ~the former 8th grade teacher...

  3. This party is so cute! What is your crepe paper garland thingie attached to? My little girl is turning 1 at the end of this month and I was thinking of doing fabric behind her sweets table, but that idea is MUCH cuter! And I have a TON of crepe paper because I've been hoarding supplies for this party since she was born. First birthdays are just so important!! You did EXCELLENT AWESOME work on this party!!

  4. Thank you!! I love decorating for parties, and THE FIRST party always has to be fab, right?? (That's what I kept telling my husband anyway..)

    The little backdrop "thing" was made out of crepe paper, tulle, ribbon, chandelier crystals, and yarn and I hung it from the ceiling with fishing line and push pins!! I had two separate strands so it wouldn't get weighed down too much and fall. I put a turquiose vinyl tablecloth behing the other backdrop and cut it into strips to add more depth and cover up the picture on the wall.

    Good luck with your party, Jennifer!!

  5. Wow, that's amazing, well done! I am planning a bird themed party for my daughters 2nd birthday and I just love the little tags. The little bird cage stamp is gorgeous. Did you buy a stamp and make them yourself or buy them already made? I also love the bird nests, did you use fried rice noodles? Thanks!

  6. I bought them at a cute little antique store in my town called Classic Collections. They were adorable, weren't they? It looks like they were made on mamilla tag oars and just stamped, in sure you could totally diy it, I just didn't have time!

    The nests were LaChoy fried rice noodles and I just melted some chocolateand mixed them in. To make the shape I put wax paper in muffin tins the scooped them noodle into them.

    Thanks. I hope your party turns out fab!

  7. Thanks! I forgot to mention how gorgeous your little one is. I love it how her outfit also has birds on it! You certainly have a great attention to detail. If our party turns out even half as good as yours I will be very happy!

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