Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's almost that time of year...

It's almost that time of year. The time I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with.

Swimsuit season? you may be thinking....

No, no. Not this momma. I don't fear swimsuit season- I'll just wear my clothes in the water if it comes to that. 

No, the thing about the upcoming season that I HATE are mosquitoes. 

see reason here:

Picture this:
You're in Mexico at a fab resort on your honeymoon
You have spent 4 relaxing days on the beach at your resort
You go to dinner, quite itchy from the local buggery
You head to your awesome room, and wake up at 2 am
You can't sleep because you feel like your skin may burn off

So what brilliant idea do I have in this situation??
Jump in the steaming hot shower for 15 minutes
It felt SO GOOD
until I hopped out and looked in the mirror 
I could barely see out of my left eye
I could barely see my left eye in the mirror

By the next morning, I looked like Hitch
I had no eyelashes
My eye was swollen completely shut
So we called the resort Doctor, who didn't really speak much English
He gave me a shot in the butt and some "medicine" (still not sure what this was)
And all I could think on this first week with my husband as a newlywed was 
"I need my Momma!"

After hours on the phone (Lord knows how much that cost) we got a flight out the next day
In the meantime, I couldn't get away from the mosquitoes and got several more bites
Apparently they were in less sensitive areas

So.... here's the problem...
My bootiful CK LOVES going outside
(like cries when I make her come in)
and here in a few short days the mosquitoes will come
and we will be quarantined to the indoors

I'd prefer not to douse my baby in deet, seeing as how they say that is kind of dangerous


  1. here in Japan my kids always wore these bug repellent stickers that they put on their clothing. i don't know if they have those in the states or not, I don't know anything that has happened in America for the past year and a half! but, let me know if I need to pick you up some goods before I depart! and the story about your honeymoon...HILARIOUS! ha I didn't know that!

  2. I hate mosquitoes but they love me. My mom says because I have "sweet blood". I usually spray a ton of bug repellent on and cover my whole body but one or two manage to sneak in and then I am covered with bites. Mind you, I have never been bitten on the eye like you. I feel for you.

    Just dropping by from SITS. Love your blog!

  3. i've heard that eating a lot of garlic repels mosquitos.

  4. Rach... I haven't read your blog in so long... but now that I have a moment I'm catching up... & it reminds me how much I dearly love you :) you are wonderful in so many ways! and you make me laugh and smile... I miss you roomie!


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