Monday, March 7, 2011

My baby can say lots of words!!

My sweet baby Charlee Kai said her 10th word today! I'm not even sure that is developmentally "on track" for her 385 days of life, but I am so proud. She actually knows what the words she says means!!

Like today, for example... word #10:
She said this as she was pulling the remote control out of my hand. The actual, direct quote was, "NO!! MINE!!!" 


Who taught my kid to act like this? (maybe it was her dad pulling it away from her and saying mine, then laughing when she made this face-
sorry for the picture quality

and pulled it back from him.)

It's honestly kind of funny, when you are home alone. Not so funny when she stands up at her birthday party and yells at the baby friend helping her open presents, "NO!! DON'T! DON'T!"

How the heck do you stop this? How can you teach a one year old manners? Tell them "don't?" Or "no?"

Yeah, I have no ideas...

In case you were dying to know, her other words are hi, bye, dada, mama, wow, dog (she hates dogs and is so scared of them, don't ask me why she like to talk about them), and ball. She said "HO HO" at Christmastime, but I can't get her to do it anymore so I don't think it counts. Some people (my mom) like to think she says "baby," but I haven't heard it yet.

In case you forgot the cute baby after seeing the monster in the tub here are a few refresher pictures.


  1. Hi momma! She is a precious doll!!!! I can't get over the idea that she is already one! By the way, let's play some basketball...i have fat in places, well in lots of places, that used to not be there! Hope you are doing well. Love ya!

  2. Teach her to use "nice words". My girls are a little older, but I'll ask them if they want me to wash those dirty words out their mouths with soap. I've only done it once with Hailie, but it made the point really clear. So, if she says "no, mine!" just say..."use your nice words please" and direct her to say "please and thank you". :)

  3. And remember...she got it when sin entered the world. No one taught just comes with the "fall". Amazing how we keep them away from all of that and they still learn it! I have come to the conclusion and the realization that is naturally born in all of us and we as parents have to teach and direct them to selflessness (which sometimes to me seems like a never ending battle on any given day!)

  4. From one Charli to your Charlee, give her hugs for me! We Charlie Girls have to stick together!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I LOVE how you spelled it! I'll be back to visit your blog (and Charlee) for sure!


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