Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"I don't know what catchy name to call this" Wednesdays

So this really isn't the greatest name for this post, but I know this is the post for today.
I'm committing to pray for the people that read my blog, and committing to pray before I post. Does that mean my blog is going to become a daily devotional? No, but I do want it to be God inspired.

As part of my commitment to pray for anyone who reads the junk I put down on here, I just thought I would open up Wednesdays to prayer requests. I'll start to make it less awkward.

I need anyone who reads this to pray for my family as we try to make a big decision. Kind of anonymous, I know. I'll give more details later. Thanks!

If you want to comment your request, or email it, or just send me your name I'll make sure I pray for you. If there aren't any comments, I'll still pray for you.

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