Thursday, March 10, 2011

My new favorite things

I have been talking to my friends about {starfish jewelry} SINCE BEFORE I ordered my first necklace. You can imagine my excitement now that it is actually here!! I saw the box when I got home from work and immediately made a beeline towards it - Holy Cow!! 

I could not be more pleased at the way it turned out!! 
(no pictures of me and bebe because we were at the Doctor for TWO hours and were worn out!)

AND, the talented Amber of {starfish jewelry} was SUPER sweet. She is all about customer service, which makes her little business even more fab! I think we're going to become internet friends real fast. (Can you tell I <3 {starfish jewelry} a LOT???)

So mom, go ahead and pick out your birthday present, because it will be coming from this magnificent lady.....

Because they are so awesome,  they're letting jalopy and gray readers have a discount!! 

20% off...

Here's how to get this crazy deal:

1. Please follow my blog
2. Leave a comment on here and on {starfish jewelry}'s blog about which super cute necklace you are going to buy/ or which one you would like your husband/best friend/etc. to buy for ya!
3. You can follow me and {starfish jewelry} on twitter, too
4. When you check out, use code JG for your 20% off
5. enjoy, because you just ordered something totally beautiful
These are all optional for adiscount, but would be much appreciated

And here is what {starfish jewelry} put together for CK (plus the James Avery birthstone charm from her grandparents)

Isn't this dress adorable? It's from Peek - check it out!

On another note
The way I got my lovely little necklace (and one for my CK):
While checking out littlemissmomma's blog (<3 her too) I found this awesome post about an awesome necklace. My hubby and I had already decided to start a tradition with CK and get her jewelry every year for her birthday, and this.was.perfect. As we were looking at what they had to offer I said, "I want this one!" After the fact I learned he was assuming it was for Charlee, he answered, "Me too." So I ordered it. And about a week later as I was raving over how I couldn't wait to get MY necklace in, he looked at me funny. The necklace "discussion" began... (I think you know what "discussions" are...)

Anyway, this year I picked out my own Valentine's gift, which I was totally OK with. 

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