Friday, March 11, 2011

Shout out!

I don't really even know if people say that anymore, but I would like to give a shout out to all the single parents in the world. I honestly have NO IDEA how you manage to do it.

Here's a rundown of the events that transpired over the last two days that totally raised my awareness:
(Jared is out of town having fun watching the State Basketball Tournament while this is going on, mind you)

1. I have to rush to Mother's Day Out from work to pick CK up from school at even close to on time - I was 15 minutes late
2. We had our one year appointment scheduled for 3:45. As we are walking up to the door, I drop my large, lemon berry slush from Sonic all over the ground and it drips on me as I take the trash to the trashcan. 
3. CK wants down in the waiting room at the Doctor's office - I DON'T THINK SO. We wrestle until we are called back to our room, which is at 4:55...
4. Ck wants down in this room of the Doctor's office as well. Continue wrestling...
5. Her ear infection apparently hasn't gone away and she is screaming and twisting and trying to get away from the Doctor as she is checking her ears. And we're still wrestling...
6. I hold her down as she gets 4 shots. Do I need to write "Continue wrestle" again?
7. By the time we leave the Dr. with our prescription it's 5:55. I refuse to go to Walgreen's and rush with the crying baby to the mom and pop drugstore that we love before they close at 6. (no more wrestling, just screaming)
8. After we pick up medicine and dinner and get gas it is 7PM. 
9. After wrestling in bed for awhile, CK does go to sleep pretty early.
10. CK wakes up at 6:15 (that may not be early for some people, but I get out of bed at 7:15, so early in this house)
11. CK won't eat breakfast and won't get down to play while I get ready for work
12. CK is supposed to be playing with GrandMike until time to go to the neighbor who has so graciously agreed to keep her since my usual is out of town, but acts kind of afraid of him and will not quit crying and trying to get ME to pick her up, although her GrandMike is right there
13. GrandMike is scared plus has to go back home, CK doesn't feel good, it's 7:55 and I am supposed to be at work at 8, so CK gets  to go to school since all day and hang out with 8th graders.
14. CK poops her pants. The entire room stinks. On my planning period (which is about 5 minutes later, enough time to diffuse through the air and stink up the whole room) I start getting diaper changing gear out of the bag and realize I have no wipees. (I REALLY need some help at this point!)
15. We drive to a nearby store, buy wipees, head back to school, andddd she falls asleep in the car. So I have to wake her up. WOW!

All this to say, I miss my husband. And I need him. And I am so thankful to have him. And he is never allowed to leave town again.

12 month well check up


  1. omg what a day and your daughter is PRECIOUS!

  2. That makes me want to start drinking!! :)

  3. First, very cute picture...
    Don't know how you took it after that day! Yep, sometimes I feel like I'm doing it alone, and then the hubby works nights and I really have them to myself...and realize just how much I need to appreciate him. I second your shout out!

  4. Reading this today made me laugh :)


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