Sunday, March 13, 2011

CK and the Potty. Sadly, this is not a "she's already potty training" post.

Oh dear sweet little crazy baby,
Why do you LOVE the bathroom so much?

showing me her work

Normally, she isn't allowed to go in the bathroom, at least not when she is home with me! But this morning while I was getting ready for church she followed me in there. And then proceeded to get into the toilet while I was in the shower. Before I could stop her she put her "Dae"'s keys in there - guess she didn't want him leaving anytime soon either.

After church today we went to the deer lease and CK got to drive - and see COWS! She wasn't as impressed as I had hoped, especially since earlier in the day I was trying to talk the hubby into taking us to the zoo. He said she wouldn't like it. He might have been right. Maybe. 

This was an impromptu trip - no bloomers, no diaper bag, no wipes, no food.... you get the picture. Good job, Mom. 

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