Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Why does it happen so fast????

Just two weeks ago my little CK turned one.
Just two weeks ago she could only say 11 words.
Just two weeks ago she was crawling, still!
Just two weeks ago she didn't mind having me hold her at a restaurant. 

Now that she is big she says, "cool," and "e-i-e-i-o," and "uh-oh," and "thank you." (Thank goodness we know a nice word now!)
And now she is walking.
And she MUST get down wherever we are, just to prove to me how big she is. 

I know the day is coming when she will be riding a bike, and driving, and going off to school, and getting married....
and I know it will only feel like a short time until those days are actually here.

Why does it have to happen so fast?

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  1. I promise...you love this season in life and remember to slow down and enjoy every minute of it, but the next season will be sweet too! I find myself loving every season of the girls lives. I miss them as little babies, but I love them where they are. What's crazy is that I hear grandparents saying they love that season in their life even more than having their children because they can "spoil them and send them home". Every season is sweet :)

  2. It does go so fast! I am amaZed everyday at what Emry learns! Cracked up at the post of your nephews hair cutting incident! Love it! So sounds like something I would do! :) We are always in Abilene, that is where matt is from & where my
    Sister lives! Must plan a play date next time I'm there! Would love to get
    Together with you beautiful girls!


  3. Oh the time does fly by too fast. My son used to only say the word "car" for everything, and suddenly this week he has 5 or 6 new words he likes to try, even pointing out the number 9 and say nine. Sigh. My baby...


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