Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sorry about your kid's hair...

Anyone ever done anything REALLY stupid?
Like say, cut your nephew's hair?

Yeah - I did. 

You can imagine how it turned out. I am not a barber, nor am I a hairdresser. One bad snip and it was all over. I wish we could blame it off on him, but he was being perfectly still. (He is still VERY HANDSOME, there's just this one part on his bangs....)

Once when I was asked to do some of my High School friend's hair for Winter Formal my hubby asked me if I was good at doing hair, to which I replied, "Yeah."
" Jar, check out my hair everyday," was what I should have said to this obviously rhetorical question. Could he not see I was awesome at hair? Did he not recall I did my entire wedding party's hair? Come the heck on. 

I cut my bangs, I once cut my mom's hair, I just knew I could cut the Ryk-Man's hair. 

After we got home... after the "incident," he let me know, in his usual, very sweet way, I was overconfident. 

I am officially the Worst Aunt EVER!
He is getting a baseball hat and a toy from his Aunt RaeRae this week, I've got to make my way back up into the ranks of people he is allowed to be left alone with. 

Look at this adorable fella at his first haircut. He will be returning to this lovely establishment for future haircuts after the disaster of tonight, I am sure!

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