Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm an English teacher for the love....

So, as an English teacher you tend to tell the kids in your class lots of really great writing tips they care nothing about. The one particularly in my head right now is "know your audience."At this point, that's a teensy bit difficult, as I have told no one (and when I say no one I mean not even my hubby) that I actually started this blog. I'm sure he is wondering what I am up doing at this hour, but as of yet, he hasn't asked.

P.S. If you are reading this that means you have checked back through all my posts... CAUGHT YA!

I'm a little embarrassed because I have had several friends blog and have always thought..."OK, no one really cares about your day to day business." But lately, I've found myself reading them. And not just people who are my friends or even acquaintances,  but people I don't even know. I like to read stories posted by moms... you can tell how "real" they are, and you can relate. So keeping what I know about myself as a mom in mind, I guess I am my own demographic. Maybe if I like what I write it will be alright to anyone else who might stumble across this blog.

On to the recent developments of my house....
I've come to find out this week that there is an inverse relationship between what I thought would happen to the cleanliness of my house if I was a stay at home mom. It seems the more I/we are home, the messier my house is. (Pictures of the tornado that is my house coming soon!!)

We have been snowed in since Monday night, and those of you reading from Texas (I'm assuming all of you) know that this NEVER happens. I thought I would be super productive since little momma's birthday party is just around the corner but I was wrong. We did have so much fun hanging out though!!

Go ahead and think it... this is the cutest snow angel baby you've ever seen. She was in Ralphie's brother's cold weather suit from The Christmas Story movie, and yes, she could not move and fell flat on her face on my bed after we got her all strapped in to her cold weather gear (but she laughed about it). Needless to say, it is obvious we were not expecting this blizzard otherwise CK would have had some super cute cold weather gear.

{jalopy and gray}

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