Monday, May 2, 2011

Home Improvement


So we're not as funny as Tim Allen, but we do a lot of home improvements. We (meaning my hubby) remodel houses. We start with this....

I'll spare you the toilet picture....take my word for it, you wouldn't want to see it

Whoa - look at all that red!! Coca-Cola theme is not really my style...

Check the "drop ceiling." No, this is not some sort of industrial building.

And somehow magically it turns into a place we can live in. And a cute place if I do say so myself. The process takes awhile, but little by little this house is shaping up. And so is the neighborhood!!!

Let me play out a little scenario for ya and you let me know what you think.

There's a house on my street, a house in which the owner died. 
In like, Decemberish. 
(I am not making light of this)
Now this house belongs to about 7 people, none of which live in town. 
It is dilapidated. 
I honestly think I could push it over. 
And let's be honest, it's kind of an eyesore. 
So someone (I will not name names or link to their blog) 
and someone else (that may or may not live with me) 
and someone else (I don't really know this someone...) 
decided to spruce it up since we are all attempting to sell our houses. 

And those people painted this house. 

Without permission. 

I'm sure the owners will thank these kind hearted, good-Samaritans, right????

And while it's not fantastic, it definitely is an improvement. 
I think this neighborhood is on it's way up, despite the occasional drive by. 

And we even got a driveway this weekend!!!


  1. LOL that is awesome! :) If someone really likes a house they will overlook a crap house. Our neighborhood is really taking shape since we bought. We are doing a slow flip although I have a strong desire for something not so fixer upper since the baby came along. Unfortunately over the last 7 years our house has become that house that needs to be painted because the guy we bought from didnt scrape! So next year new paint and windows care of our adorable little tax deduction!

  2. It COULDN'T be as awful as this one was!!! I think it had the original paint from the 1920s!!

    I'm ready for a house that isn't a flipper too! I guess it's that mother thing- I need a nest! Hopefully soon you an I will both be able to stat in a house that doesn't need work!!

  3. I just wanna sell this thing and move to that ADORABLE development behind Copper Creek! They are beautiful and not too expensive. The hail totaled my car but we are going to salvage it and keep full coverage and that money should be enough to get it painted and get windows if we find a great deal. I am PRAYING that there was hail damage to my windows some how and the insurance company finds it in their heart to cover those for us!


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