Sunday, May 1, 2011

jalopy and cake????

Oh yeah, I said it. 

No, I'm not switching up the name, 
I'm adding to it. 
There will still be a 
jalopy and gray
but from now on, you can order some delish cupcakes from me.
And tomorrow I'm taking some free samples to work. 
So tell your friends, 
and your mom, 
or no, don't tell her, just buy her some for mother's day, 
and call me up, 
because you can't say no to cupcakes. 

Especially not:

Almond Joy
Strawberry Lemonade
Wedding Cake 
Cookie Dough

yes, that's my front door. we finally picked a color. 

almond j.o.y. ....yummmmm


  1. Are you putting them in the lounge? We don't ever make it in there, so please, bring one for us to share into the library. I'll bring a piece of pina colada cake for you! Deal?!?

  2. You now have a new follower, Can you please Follow back?

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  3. Yum!
    Thanks for stopping by Pink Dandy Chatter! Following you back =)
    I hope you have a fabulous month of May.


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