Sunday, May 1, 2011

I hope you grow up "normal"

I'll be the first to admit, while I think she is wonderful, precious, beautiful, smart, etc., etc., my kid is weird.

Example 1:
Little Baby CK has been getting very little nutritional value in her diet these days. Her favorite (and almost only) food group is crackers, preferably goldfish. But the other night, she found a new love:

Pickles dipped in BBQ Sauce

While this tasty snack also has little to no nutritional value, I let her eat it because, well, it's just funny - and also disgusting. 

Numero dos:
She was unable to play in the water on water day at "school," however when she got home she desperately needed the water hose, and even attempted to drink from it. 

God forbid I get water in her eyes while I'm trying to wrangle her down in the bath and wash her hair.... but apparently if she does it, it's OK. This might drive me a little crazy. 

She sleeps in our bed. I know, I know, I know....

Number 4:
Her favorite thing to do is parade around outside - naked. Or play the piano naked. 

Or mostly just be naked. Anytime, anywhere. Which results in a lot of clean up, but is also hilarious. 

 I worry sometimes that we aren't doing the right things for her all the time, that we let her get away with too much, that we let her eat too much dirt and pizza and cheetos, that we should put her in her own bed... 
I worry that our parenting skills aren't quite as polished as others.

I do hope she grows up normal, whatever that may be, in spite of us and anything we may be lacking.

But more than that, I hope she grows up to know and love Jesus. 

Happy {late} Easter!


  1. Love love love the pictures of her with the watering hose and this blog as a whole! LOVE IT!

  2. Ha!!! Great pictures!!! Especially the last 3...hilarious! and yeah for cupcakes....really pretty, look delicious cupcakes...I will be there in a minute:)

  3. awww! Y'all are too cute!
    And CK will grow up just as screwed up as we all did. :) You're a great mommy!

  4. who DOESN'T like playing the piano naked?!


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