Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"IDKWCNTCT" Wednesdays and all new "WILW"

Wooooo hoooo,hallelooooo for answered prayers!! 
I know He does it daily, without my asking, but my God is such a great provider
If you want me to pray for something let me know!

I found this cool link up here and I think I might just try it out...

*Mostly, I'm LOVING this sweet and crazy face, as usual...

I think she was practicing what a snake says - check out that tongue action

*I'm loving that my sweet BFF got married this weekend and let me take some of her bridals
(her vintage wedding was awesome, check the pics at johnathan ivy photography)

*I'm loving the fact that there are 11 school days left, 1 of which is a field trip and one a half day 
(this coming especially after today, when I had to write two referrals!!)

*I'm loving my fab new nail polish for summer

*I'm loving that tonight is the "Spuds and Bingo" Youth Fundraiser at our church, and that my fantastic hubby has the opportunity to serve these kids

Maybe I'll win something, if that's allowed??

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Your little girl is so adorable!!!

    You are loving some amazing things today! Hope you have had a great Wednesday!

  2. What church do you go to Rach? I live in the Abilene area and are scoping out prospective churches...
    PS. love the nail polish color!


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