Sunday, May 15, 2011

Parade Day

Thursday we went to the Western Heritage Classic Parade! I love living in Texas - people here will line the streets to watch fancy old cars drive by,  kid's wave from floats, and horses poop. 

We went to the parade with our neighbors and BeBe. It was a blast (most of the time). We accidentally sat on the wrong end of the parade, and since we got there early to get a good spot, we waited an especially long time to see anything. The babies had to get up and walk around a little bit. 

This little doll carries around as many "paisssss" as she can hold, and switches them out randomly. I've already told her when she's two they disappear, but I think we both know that probably won't happen. 

Finally, we saw something. Hohs (horses), yee-hawyee-haws (cowgirls - this one sounds more like a donkey), mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (cows), and babies (any kid under the age of 4ish). All of the kids loved it, although there were a couple of complaints about the lack of candy! 

Isn't this the most adorable face you have EVER in your whole life seen?

This is Tate, Ck's future hubby. (Also extremely adorable.) 

These two ask for each other all the time, and then when they get together, CK starts bullying him and he has to push back. I think they're in baby love. 

We went and ate at Lucy's. If you live around here and have never been, get up right now and head down Treadaway. They finally got a sign up so if you didn't know where they were, now you can find them. This place is packed ALL. THE. TIME.  And it's delicious. And they have homemade ice cream. And if you're still reading, you didn't get up and go yet.

Then we came home and CK played in the sprinkler. That kid can't get enough sprinkler - we can't get the grass watered because her big kid self moves it. Yesterday, she got me and her dad with it. Then her BFF came over. 

When she tries to say her name it comes out "Ya ya".
I don't know what we're going to do when they leave!

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  1. Lucy's. Are they from Tuscola? Which side of Treadaway?


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