Sunday, May 15, 2011

Caution: Beginning Extreme Couponer

Does anyone out there watch "Extreme Couponing" on TLC??

I'm about to do it. 
(well, I'm going to at least give it a try)

I'm jumping off the edge and going for it (after I purchase a printer) and hoping my husband doesn't accuse me of hoarding. 
Have you seen these people??? It's ridiculous. 
But I kind of envy them.

I once was an avid fan of my frugal adventures
Then I got 18 magazine subscriptions because they were $3/year. 
And then decided I should quit her.
 I had a problem. 

But I'm getting back in the game - this time for things we NEED. 
Really need. 
Or will need. 
Not signing up for free samples of john frieda which isn't even enough to get my hair up and going to a good lather or buying veggie tales songs because they are $.10. 

That being said, I need help. 
What resources do you use? 
Can it REALLY be done?
How much, on average, do you save?
Do you have an ENTIRE room full of "extras"?

If this little grocery shopper ever wants a real Louie we're going to have to get after it. 
But notice she is holding her CVS ExtraCare card.
She is SO smart. 
(This wasn't a planned photo shoot - it fell out of her baby bag and she picked it up!)

Kara, you are going to have to be my mentor. Hopefully this will involve several trips to Carinos and to get Chocolate Moltens. Did you see they're free tomorrow, by the way?? (Sign up for Chili's emails if you haven't already!) 


  1. I have another way to save. I invest with my husband. LOL! Did the coupon thing for a while...before I was working full time with an extra job on the side...! I do the Groupon thing and there is another one for Abilene...forgot the name, can tell you tomorrow when I get an email. It's a deal a day...some are good, most are stuff I don't do/need.
    But I do love that picture!!!

  2. The grocery store part will be hard here because Albertsons (the most expensive of the grocery stores in Abilene is the only one that double and they only double up to .50 ones on the very rare occasion ) I print a LOT of online coupons. Be sure to set your printer settings to print in just black. Im not into the buying things just because there is a coupon like on Extreme Couponing. In my humble opinion they are well kempt hoarders. I abide by the savings philosophy that things go on sale every three months and the coupons cycle that way too so just buy enough for 3 months. IF you have the storage in your home. At target you can save 5% all the time by getting their debit card so that is nice when you stack coupons there. They will accept their coupons and a manufacturers coupon on the same item. I follow Groupon for Abilene.

  3. woohoo!!! I would love to have a partner!!! I think I have learned that one of the most important things to remember is the purpose of couponing: Saving Money!!! I have to remind myself of that a lot so I only buy the things I need and not things just cause they are a good deal:)
    And I agree with Dana above that groceries are hard in our town...we don't seem to have any of the stores with the amazing deals. But, I am going to try and figure some stuff out!!! Come over tomorrow and lets work on some stuff!!! (And then go get a cake...we can't work on an empty stomach..haha!!)

  4. I've been trying this too! So far we've saved about $100 on our grocery bill for a month! I don't go nuts like the ladies on the show, (although currently I have 12 bottles of BBQ sauce in my pantry) but that's my only high-stocked item so far. Add "Saving with Shellie" and "The Krazy Coupon Lady" on facebook. They find good deals at Target, HEB, CVS and Walgreen's and even some stores online.
    Good luck! It's addicting :)

  5. hmm, I've tried dumpster diving for inserts, and so far i've scored some coupons, but HARDLY anything I ever NEED--which is discouraging. I would love to 'hoarde' laundry detergent stuff and toilet paper like those ladies on TLC do. I follow Frugal Adv too and the Krazy Lady but I hate hate hate walgreens/cvs stuff! Buy $20 of stuff and we'll give you $5 cvs bucks? no thanks...I think like the most I've ever saved on a bill while grocery shopping at walmart is like $5. I can't get better than that-ugh!

  6. The best way to score coupons Ive found is EBAY!!! Once a month you can log on and bid on coupons. This month I spent 16$ and got over 700 coupons (none baby, animals or vitamins) Although you can request those types if you would benefit from them. Some of them dont expire until December. The way I look at it, you can spend your time hunting down inserts, dumpster diving, and sitting with tons of inserts clipping or you can spend 16 $ a month and they come already clipped in the mail. The best deal is when you combine with store coupons and mfg coupons. Also be patient and dont rush in with that sundays will be surprised how stores will up prices on items when they know there is a coupon in that sunday papers circular. For instance...this CVS circular this sunday had it printed right there....99 cents for an item and in small print (minus the coupon in this sundays paper) SMH.....Good luck and Happy Couponing!!!


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