Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My dream house

In the spirit of moving to a new more than likely previously owned home, here is my wishlist:


This is my life with a dishwasher, can you just even imagine the disaster if I didn't have one?

2. Outdoor Kitchen/entertaining area

I'm not much for the outdoors when it is all of 124 degrees, or even the 100 that it has been here for THE LAST 30 DAYS IN A ROW, but I do <3 outdoor entertaining areas. Ahhh... to have some sweet furniture to sit in while under a fan OUTSIDE watching the Rangers. If I can get a TV out there I think Jared would agree to this.

And these would be fab hanging from the huge tree I know will be in my future backyard.

And I'll probably need this for my outside dishes...

3. A craft/work room would be nice. Right now all my "junk" is shoved in the guest room, and I pull it out and bring it into the living room to work on it. My husband hates secretely loves this.

There are parts (take this term loosely, as in one room is clean, 7 are not) of my house that are clean, just not the ones I am showcasing today.

4.  lots of beadboard!! and some subway tiles, which I'm sure will be the equivalent of chartreuse shag carpet soon, but I love it anyway!

That's all I can think of for now... I'm sure when we're actually shopping for a new house I will be wayyy more particular. 

Oh yeah, look at what my sweet hubby did this morning for me before he went to work!!! I should have these things for sale in my shop, but I haven't taken pictures of them yet, and now they've made it inside - guess they're mine!

I'm going to plant something in that pail and it WILL live, there's no way it can die UNDER the water faucet if I let it drip, can it? Haven't had a chance to decorate it up yet, but I love it!

Ohhhh, organization, you are not my friend. But I do like the basket you've disguised yourself as!

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