Friday, July 8, 2011

For sale!

The sign is officially sledgehammered into the dirt that once was grass. We're moving (again) and probably will several more times. I never want to move. Our last house was our first house, and it was perfect. Then we found this one, and it's Charlee's first home. But so much for being nostalgic!

Since moving day is hopefully coming up soon, I figured I'd give you the grand tour, starting with my favorite room - CK's. She rarely goes in here, except to put on clothes or grab one of bazillion toys she has, but she does know it is her room. She'll let you know, too.  
One of her new things is to tell us what belongs to Charlee by yelling "Charlee's" at us. Nice.

Some things you should know before the home tour begins is that I am not so great at finishing things. Or deciding where to put things. My house is perpetually undone. And since I know within a couple of years we'll be packing up again, my motivation is not so great.
Also, I'm not a good housekeeper.
And I don't have many things that match or go together, or a style really, so... be prepared.

No offense, but I'm not a huge pink fan. And anyone who has shopped for girl nursery stuff lately knows EVERYTHING is pink. I decided to go a different route. 

I'll do better next time with my signage...
My mom made the bedding out of two shams we found on sale at Crate and Barrel Outlet - I think it cost about $15!! I was proud, and it's one of a kind! You can't tell but it's quilted, and still white since she has never ever slept on it in her life!
The banner across her bed was made by our good friend and ex-neighbor. She's super crafty and has great style. You can check her blog out here to hear about her family's adventures! (And she has had a great giveaway and many more coming, so watch for those!)
The rug is from Target.
I'm not sure there is a specific genre you would call her room - I was going for antique/vintage/anthropologie....hmmmm...

The couch was my Christmas present from Jared right before CK got here. It was from Charlie's house. He bought it for me after we had agreed not to spend any money on Christmas that year. I bought him a Wii... oops!
Charlee's dresser was a craigslist find that my mother-in-law picked up and painted for me while I was on bedrest. I highly recommend finishing your kid's nursery WAY early. I thought I had time, then I wasn't allowed to leave my room - ugh. Luckily I had lots of help!

The anthrolpologie flashcards are my favorite. I dreamt about them forever, then my cousin got them for Charlee.

There are a few more adorable/special things in her room that aren't super clear in pictures. My grandmother gave me 3 pictures from Germany her aunt got for her, and she lent me a super awesome antique rocker.

There are still some empty picture frames and spots on the wall I have plans for, but probably won't get done before we move. Ah well!

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  1. Pretty:)...The couch is still my fav! I am supposed to be working on Micah's new room right now...wonder if I will get his 2nd room finished...never finished the first one..ha!


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