Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm still alive, thanks for asking!

For any of you who might have been wondering, I am still alive. Although the month of June NEARLY did me in, I made it through. Here is where I have been, oh, the last 11 or so days of my life.

Living every 12 year old boy's dream... working in a big honkin' fireworks warehouse.

And while I was gone, our house went up for sale, all our grass died, my car was filled with fireworks, a trailer was filled with furniture for me to refinish and sell (somewhere...), I got a pinterest, our favorite neighbors moved, and no one kept up with my blog.


When you break it down, we probably all made about $2 an hour, what with the burn ban and drought and all, but we did have fun. 

CK stayed with her Grandy, GrandMike, and Mister all week. I think she had fun. Apparently, she got to boss ... A LOT. 

Here are just a few examples of the things my sweet, sweet child says:

*While riding in the car with my mother and 16 month old through the Dairy Queen drive-thru, CK yells from the backseat, "Gangey, Iwancake!" (translation: "Grandy, I want cake!!!"Obviously while she was with her grandparents they let her eat whatever her little heart desired, which right now consists of chips, cake, ice cream, french fries, and goldfish. 

*Every adult in the house pushed the kid around in her stroller whenever she asked demanded. And sat on the rock ledge when they were told to "seet down". She speaks in the cutest authoritative little voice, it's hard to turn her down.

* One morning my mom called and told me CK was yelling at her to "find it!!!" because they had lost the changer.

We may be in trouble. 

Hope you all had a Happy 4th of July!

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  1. yeah! glad you are back! Can't wait to see Miss Bossy Pants:)


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