Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Martha, where's the cheese?

We don't eat eggs in our house.
Not even CK likes them, who usually will try everything at least once.
When I get a breakfast burrito, I pick out most of the eggs.
When I get a breakfast sandwich from a fast food place, I order "minus eggs".
The only reason I buy eggs at the grocery store is for cakes and brownies,
you get the picture.

But when I saw this fabulous and super cute looking complete breakfast in a muffin tin,
I knew I had to make it.

Even though they were a "Martha Stewart - domestic goddess" recipe, I tried my hand at them,


and they were surprisingly a hit.

 I would recommend using half an egg per personal muffin sized breakfast,

 if you can get half an egg....?

Mine look a little different, because I used cheese.

A lot of cheese.

To cover up the egginess.

While she may be a domestic diva, she missed it on that.

Gotta have some cheese.

And to be honest, I overcooked them,

because you can't see when the egg whites set when they are

covered with cheese.

It was worth it.


  1. oooo....that looks like something we would like at our house....definately with lots and lots of cheese!!!

  2. Guess I better check out this recipe. Hey, as my son didn't want eggs either I ended up making egg in a bread...take a piece of bread cut out a shape with a big cookie cutter, and then put the bread in the pan in hot butter. Crack the egg into the middle and fry, turn and finish frying, you can also put bacon and cheese on it...that is the way he still likes to eat it. And I got at least one of my nephews to eat eggs this way too.


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