Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baby Headaches

Hope your Wednesday is fab. If it isn't, you can let me know and I will make sure and pray for whatever is going on!!

In other news, Monday night we had our first CK super trauma. 

She likes to run.
She also likes to open the bottom metal cabinet drawer and empty it out.
Running and metal cabinets do not go together. 
As she was "JET"ting around the kitchen
  (she puts her arms back behind her when she runs, I guess for less wind resistance??),
 her foot caught on a rug and BAM!
Face to corner of drawer.
Screaming immediately ensued, followed by tears - mine and hers-
blood was gushing out of her face - I couldn't tell where from AND we couldn't find Jared.
By the time we ran out the front door and found him, I figured out it wasn't her eyeball,
thank the Lord,
but I was still thinking we should go to the ER.
So we went.
And walked in.
And there were 50 bazillion people in line.
And C wasn't crying or bleeding anymore, so we left.

Hopefully this thing heals up without scarring. It's pretty tiny, and looking back on the situation, we probably shouldn't have even walked in to the emergency room.
With a naked bleeding baby,
and an unshowered, covered in blood mom,
and a sweaty, outside working dad.
I think we could have more problems brought on by CPS than the slight forehead gash,
if they were judging us by the way we looked.

Disclaimer : We called the Dr., in case you were wondering, and he said she would be fine.

And she got an "icicle" out of the deal.

We got several "you shouldn't be a parent" looks at the grocery store with our butterfly stitch, 
and then to confirm their fears CK's diaper overflowed onto the basket. 
We definitely should have stayed home, or ditched the bandage.


  1. Shall I make you feel better? Same thing happened to me, but when Jason jumped of the chair and hit his head on the marble stairs I didn't even turned around as I always told him he would get hurt! Well, when he didn't stop screaming I turned around and only saw blood everywhere. So now I am jumping around looking for stuff...husband outside and I have to call him in...rush to the ER and...wait for more blood...but, they were a teaching hospital so they decided to take him right in and stitch him up...he wouldn't hold still and the sterile cover wasn't sterile anymore! They finally showed him the shot and told him what they were going to do. Then they stitched him which didn't go to well my opinion. Well, we went home and a few days later he pulled the stitch out we didn't go back to check his cheek, there isn't much of a mark after 25 years. See, you are not the only one! LOL!

  2. Poor baby! Hope she heals up nicely and quickly!


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