Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I only shaved a leg

Remember those days when you had time for yourself?
Like, time to shower by yourself?
Or go to the bathroom by yourself?

For me, those days are over. 
I'm never alone - I always have a helper right next to my side. 
And while I REALLY like hanging with CK, 
I also really like to wipe and flush the toilet for myself
and shave both my own legs before having to get out of the shower - 
without any help.

I usually shower after she has gone to bed, but sometimes that plan doesn't work out.
I was forced to bathe while she was up and in full force exploring mode. 
Which is never good in the bathroom.
I drenched the floor twice trying to save something from the potty before she decided to "showder."
Problem is, she isn't a big fan of having water drip on her head and into her eyes. 

"NO wadder!!" 
"Mommy, seeet down!"
and finally
"Geeet out!"

So I did. 
One leg down, one to go. = @rachaelf

She's a pretty cute little helper, though.


  1. Oh I know that feeling! I have walked out of the house a few times with only one leg or just part of a leg shaved. I don't wear shorts or skirts very not always a huge deal. But it does feel good to get both legs done!


  2. LOL! Been there! She is a cutie, though!


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