Wednesday, February 16, 2011

anybody ever wrestled their kid?

For about, oh, the last week, CK has decided she only wants to take one nap a day, and a 45 minute one at that. I've heard about this transition down to one nap, but I can honestly tell you, we are not ready for it. I'm not ready, for one, because I need a few minutes when I get home from work to clean up my house or cook dinner, and since she really likes to be the center of attention when she is awake (which I am totally cool with) that doesn't work with my schedule. 2 - she is a crazy nut with one nap - I mean almost bipolar.

Which brings me back to the heading of my post...
Today, day 7 with one nap, when we headed home from the friend's house that kept my sweet baby angel all day, CK almost fell asleep in the car. Being the irresponsible mother that I am, we decided to stop and see dad at the church before heading home since he would not see the awake CK again today. Little did I know (OK, maybe I had an inkling) that this would lead to another napless day.
As we pulled into the driveway little C was sooooo sleepy, but as soon as I unbuckled her carseat she was awake - and unhappy. I decided today was the last day of one nap - we would wrestle in the bed until she finally bit the dust. (once again, please don't call CPS - it was a loving wrestle... not too sure how many times you can say "Don't call CPS" without there being a red flag)


So this is the sweet darling at dinner with me and her Grammy, instead of getting her beauty rest.


  1. I remember my girls hitting that stage. It was horrible! I was definitely not ready for them to give up their second nap.

  2. OH MY!! It is for sure a task! Guess it is good to know it is a normal phase - I just need to figure out how to make the ONE nap a little longer if that is the only one she is going to take! WHEW!


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