Monday, April 4, 2011

PLEASE can we go on a vacation?!?!?!?

Not just a vacation as in off work, but the real deal, big time, going SOMEWHERE vacation? PLEASE?

I've honestly been really blessed in the vacation department. My family took us all over the U.S. in High School (although on most of those trips I was playing in basketball tournaments and my family was vacationing). I've even been to Hawaii, and Mexico, and Costa Rica. But those days seem so far in the past....

And don't get me wrong, we still go A LOT of places, but I've got this dream stuck in my head:

me and the hubs on our honeymoon in Riveria Maya, Mexico

And while I know I can't ever talk my hubby into going here again, for fear that my face might blow up (click here to see what the heck I'm talking about)
I do REALLY want to go on a vacation this summer. 

So here's the question of the day:
*What is your DREAM vacation?
(It doesn't have to be somewhere realistic)

* What is your most memorable vacation spot?

*Do you have plans to vacation somewhere this summer? Where? And would you like to take a friend (meaning me)?

I'm going to try and talk the hubs into a little wager - if I can get 50 comments, he takes me somewhere. Hopefully that works out for me - ha!


  1. My most memorable, honeymoon in Greece :-) Want to know where else I have been? That might have to be a blog entry on my blog LOL!
    Where I am going this summer? Well, Memorial Day will find us (hubby and me and my parents) in Mexico. Playa del Carmen, and then another trip to Tucson...that's after being in Tucson twice already and we'be been once to San Antonio and will be going again in a couple of weeks.
    I hope you get your 50 comments...spread the word at work LOL!

  2. I feel like I need to help you out with your 50 comments... will it count if they're from the same person :)

    We're headed to Turks and Caicos this summer and I CANNOT wait! Give me a pool, ice cream and a tan and I'm good to go!

    We have also been to Playa Del Carmen to Iberostar.. such an awesome place! Eventually I hope to take Cody there!

  3. My dream vacation is torn between Italy, Greece and Australia.

    My most memorable vacation was in Nov. '09 - Cozumel; where we headed over to the other side exploring & ahhh sand that felt so soft and water so beautiful!

    With us just moving here this year, I don't think there is going to be any long distance trips outside of the state, maybe just down to explore the Texas beaches.

  4. we swam with manatees in Florida a couple years ago and it was amazing! we want to take the kids once they are big enough also.

  5.'s been so long since we have been on a "Couples" vacation (15 years ago our honeymoon in Cancun! So I would have to say a 10-day trip to Disney World with my whole family or a week long trip with just hubby to somewhere tropical..anywhere tropical would do!

  6. Gee, we haven't gone on a real trip since our honeymoon. It's our 5 year anniversary in August, maybe my husband will take me somewhere exotic where i can wear whatever i want, fat tummy and all!!! :)..i hope you get your 50 comments! Love ya!

  7. Ok I'll help out too...

    Dream vacation is definitely Venice

    Most memorable is probably Destin, you may have some memories of that trip too

    And yes I do have plans to vacation this summer and yes you can come along because you've already been invited for girls trip!!!

  8. so, what if one person makes the remaining 42 comments??? Will that work?? Just tryin' to help a sista' out!!!!


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