Saturday, May 28, 2011

How to make it on one income

When I had CK last year, I knew it wasn't feasible financially for me to stay home with her (it still isn't). I had just started a new job, I had only been out of college a couple of years, and we just couldn't afford it. It broke my heart. I would miss her first word, her crawling for the first time, and even those treasured first steps. God really took care of me over the past year. I didn't miss any of those special firsts, and he gave me the blessing of getting to be other kid's "mom,"and I am so thankful.

Around Christmastime, I started worrying about next year. Would I have to miss any more of CK's one and only childhood? While I got to be a part of a big portion of her day, the older she got, the more I felt she knew I wasn't around. It made my heart sad. While there really is no way we can afford to live on one income, the hubby and I prayed about it, and both of us know I need to be here with her. 

I quit my job on Thursday. I can't tell you how unbelievably sad it made me to think I would not be teaching next year. I LOVE my principal, the people I work with, and even the kids (most of the time). I can't believe it's over. The past two years have been awesome and it's hard to put into words the gratitude and appreciation I feel to have had someone entrust me with the privilege of teaching.

 As I drove off crying, I knew I would miss Madison, and even now I second guess myself and wonder if we made the right decision. 

So how do you make it on one income, with no job covered health insurance, $4 a gallon gas, and a hungry babe? 

We just pray and believe that the Lord will provide. 
God has taken care of us this far, and he doesn't take days off. 
I figure we'll be alright.

And instead of teaching sentence structure, I'll be cleaning up after this little corn cob head. I can't wait to play and hear her sweet voice sing "ashes, ashes DOWN" all day!


  1. How awesome! :) We make it by clipping coupons to stretch our income. Not eating out all the time. I shop ALOT on amazon to stretch our dollars. Got the target debit card to save 5% every time I make a purchase. I have mystery shopped in the past but not since EB arrived. We dont have new cars or a fancy house. We have been married 11 years though and I spent many years working FT so we dont need a whole lot at this stage in our life. Its really just about having an emergency fund and making a budget every month because there isnt a perfect month where all your needs are the same. As far as insurance goes that I dont know with Josh being in the AF we have full and free coverage. You may qualify for WIC now to help with some of the basic food needs.

  2. I completely understand how you feel. I tried working outside the home a couple of times when my girls were little. I just couldn't do it so I kept other kids in my home so I could be home with them. God will provide. I will be praying for you guys! Love you!

  3. SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! You are such a great Mom….and I'll be praying that God shows y'all favor for being obedient to his call to stay at home!! So exciting!!


  4. Congrats. I know it's a hard feat and hard financially. I have been lucky enough to stay at home. While I don't know your financial situation I found that the cost of daycare vs. my teaching salary where I would live I would only be making $500 a year (this counted gas, daycare food all of it). It's surprising how much you really can save when you take driving out of the equation and walk to the park. This costs no money and you have saved the $30 daycare fee. I know it doesn't seem easy now and I do hope it works out. For some they trully can't live on once income, but some of us don't have the newest cell phones, the highest tv package or the fanciest car. We have made these sacrifices in order for me to stay home.

    Thanks for stopping by and seeing your recipe. Sorry I am just now getting back on after a long weekend off. Enjoy!

  5. Congratulations! You will feel so much better knowing you are at home with the little one! And I do think childcare, buying work clothing and gas does take most of your, you not having health insurance might be the only thing that you have to worry about. But being home with CK is the best pay off! I have to say I wasn't too surprised by this announcement! Good luck! And keep posting!

  6. You won't regret it! I finished the school year teaching with my first and made that same tough decision a couple years ago. They grow up so fast; and you will find a way to make it, even with gas at $4 a gallon.

  7. I was actually here yesterday... Today I'm stopping by to tell you that you have been chosen for the Versatile Blogger Award. Stop by to claim your award! Congrats!


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