Monday, August 15, 2011

The Perini Ranch Burger

So pretty much all summer we've been out of town. Not the out of town vacation type thing, but just gone. My house and my car and my life definitely show it. And not that I'm organized anyway, but everything is pretty nearly a disaster around these parts.

But since I like to cook and I miss my blog, here is a new post... two weeks later......

If you haven't been to Perini's in Buffalo Gap, you're missing out. It's an Abilene National legend, and up until a few weeks ago we were too scared to go when it was on our tab. I had been once with a sweet family friend who paid for my dinner - I had no idea what it cost, but according to all the hype, it was expensive. 

One Saturday morning we ventured out to the Buffalo Gap Flea Market. After walking around looking for really cool stuff but only finding sickly looking puppies and completely drenching my outfit in sweat, we took off and headed for Perini Ranch. 

It's a really neat place. Lots of cool outdoor seating and patios, a real rustic "ranch" feel. 
And no air conditioning.

Despite the fact that I was about to have a heat stroke, we ordered the Perini Ranch Burger, the one that was featured on the Today Show, the one that everyone told us about, the burger to top all burgers.
And it was only nine bucks!

It lived up to all the talk, so we went back. And ate it again. 
Partially because it is one of few menu items we can afford, but mostly because of it's utter deliciousness.

Since we are now on a much tighter budget, I decided to attempt to make a copycat version. 
Here's what you'll need:

King's Hawaiian Sandwich Buns - splurge for these - they make the burger, but are about $3.50/4
Ground Beef
Red Onion
Green Chiles
Monterey Jack or Provolone Cheese
Kosher Salt
Black Pepper
Garlic Powder

Season the meat with the salt, garlic powder, and pepper  -I don't measure, so just go with what you think looks good! Squish it all together until thoroughly mixed, then use your fingers to score the meat into even portions.

I made the patties then put an almost hole in them. I heard it was supposed to keep them from shrinking up - didn't work out so great for me. I'll probably try it again though, with a real hole. I just chickened out this time on puncturing it all the way through. I'm not so good at burgers and everytime I make them they fall apart. Purposely making a hole does not sound appealing to someone whose burgers fall apart on their own accord anyway.

Throw 'em on the grill and cook to your desired temperature.
Top with cheese. 

While the burgers are cooking, slice the red onion, then chop it up.

Toss it in a skillet with the entire can of green chiles and sautee.

We aren't afraid of calories at this house, so I buttered the buns and stuck them in the oven while these veggies were cooking. 
I figure since we're going to eat vegetables we can eat a little butter, too, right?

Once the patties were finished and topped with cheese, I stuck mine on a bun, covered it in the green chile/onion mixture and topped it with none other than Perini's own Barbeque Sauce. 

Not too bad if I do say so myself.


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