Monday, July 18, 2011

Where we live life

In the words of Cribs, "This is where the magic happens." three of us sleep.

When we moved in to our house and started remodeling, this was the first room finished. When I was put on bedrest, it was the only room finished. I spent 5 whole weeks looking at these gray walls. I thought I would never come back in here after I had CK, but now, it's almost as much of a "living room" as our living room! (pictures of that coming later this week!) 
In this room, we repainted, recarpeted, and redid the ceiling with beadboard.

Sidenote: I LOVE gray. The entire inside of my house is painted in shades of gray. 

We live in an old house (built in 1926), so the rooms are HUGE. We put our entertainment center that was in our living room at our last house in our bedroom because there was so much extra space. 

Here is my FAVORITE pillow and lovely Target bedding. I'm fairly certain Target is one of the greatest places in the world.

And this is my bedside table. I didn't take a picture of Jared's because there really isn't anything over there. That super cute swim locker is holding all CK's essentials - diapers, wipes, and her all time fave, "wo-tion;" you gotta have these things handy when she sleeps in your bed.

And now to the work station. Work as in pay bills, blog, edit pictures. You already saw the other work station in all its disarray glory.

Here's my non- computerized pinterest
Super excited to be able to hang all my magazine/catalog finds up where they won't get torn or wrinkled, so that one day when I have time, or money, or a different house I can make them.

I used the old picture frames from CK's birthday party and some decorated up clothes pins. 

And here is one of my favorite presents so far - a handprint picture C made me at school for Mother's Day. Until I got one, I used to think the handprint thing was super corny, now I know why mothers all over the world proudly have them on display. 

Check back later for more of the tour!

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